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Turf Laying

Do you need fantastic-looking turf to breathe new life into your garden, lawn, or park? Here at The Garden Tamer, we can lay high-quality turf that will deliver outstanding results.

Our connections with some of the best, high-quality turf suppliers ensure that each turf project we work on gets the best options available. 

Turf is a fast, effective alternative to growing grass. Using seed can take up to 6 weeks to see a good result, whereas using turf will get you those instant results that you desire.

The soil needs much the same preparation as laying seed, but the turf has the advantage that it can be applied all year round (except for frosty conditions). Laying turf is a low-maintenance option leaving you with no nasty weeds to contend with and fantastic, instant results.

We can also offer ongoing advice and support to ensure your new turf flourishes. See our customer testimonials displaying our high-quality work.

Call us today at The Garden Tamer for a friendly chat about your turf and garden requirements.

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